Greetings from LUCYD

“Nowland” – an original piece by me. Done on the ipad.

Low and behold, my first official blog post for LUCYD. Thanks for reading!




* 1.
expressed clearly; easy to understand: 
”a lucid account”

* 2.
bright or luminous:
”birds dipped their wings in the lucid flow of air”

Just as with a presidential campaign, allow me to commence this ‘speech’ of mine with everything I have to offer you, and why you should pick ME as your most frequented web domain. *wink* 
I am a rambler. Perhaps not always so evidently in person, but my notebooks, or “diaries” may say otherwise. A 21st century saying might go something along the lines of, ‘If you’re not on the internet, then what are you?’ .. Or perhaps a twist on the old classic.. “I Facebook, therefore, I am” – pl8oh_63 
Why am I writing them all in a diary, isolated, when I could display my feelings ostentasciously yet, strangely anonymously by virtue of this glowing thing called the internet? What have I been doing all these years.. Give me attention. But also, take my word; I HAVE something to offer. I HAVE something to say. 

Me (right) with Imaginary Boyfriend, but he prefers “Sid”. Taken on Valentines Day.

You can expect content on the following from here: 
– Dreams – Analysis, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel 

– ART – Cartoons, Illustrations, Paintings (By yours truly) 

– Stories 

– Psychology, Mental health, Philosophy

– The Esoteric, Metaphysical

– And everything in between.. 

All of this with me as the guinea pig. I hope to be the scientist and the observer as much as the subject, the observed. Also, I am a self indulgent Creative – me, me, me!

I want this to be personal, which it will be nonetheless, but educational too. In normal social media posts, I always find there to be this hesitation of, how much “inside” shall be put to cater to the outside? I hope to break this down and find a voice, a sweet spot in-between. For now, I know not yet what to expect. (Doesn’t it sound so much fancier when you change the word order of things?! Yoda-esque, if you may.) 

I also hope that as time goes on, I will be able to look back on this first post of mine fondly yet with great cringe, as I celebrate the grand success of my blog. Getting ahead of myself here.

It’s basically an outlet for everything I’ve ever been interested in, a way to pocket my love of these things. Hopefully, you would find some interest in it too. 

Much love, 


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