A poem on Meditation

Happy Buddha – a quick sketch on procreate on the ipad. By Rebecca Dore.


When it’s time to chant Om , let’s get my game on. 

Yep yep. No thinking because thoughts are BaD!

Relax. Take a deep inhale, now count back to ten. 

Very good, I am so proud of you. 

You are the best person, because you can count back from ten. 

Well done! I love you.

I thought a thought..

It’s okay, let it go.

But i thought it though.

Okay, let it go.

I SAID let it go. Let it go. Let. It. 


yes. I have reached it. The pinnacle of godliness.

I am there. I am it. I am god….


Let it go, my child. Your ego has a hold. But it just wants to protect you… 

Leddigo beepbeep leddigo beepbeep leddigo beep go beep go beepbeep

Forgive yourself, love yourself.

Dear god (me) forgive me, my knees are battered my clothes are worn 

Screw this I’ll just listen to Korn 


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