Manifesting an Astral Projection // Art as a manifesting tool 

So, I have been trying for quite a while now to achieve an OBE, otherwise known as an Out of Body Experience, or an Astral projection – in which case one will be able to engage in many forms of Astral travel – a very exciting spiritual phenomena. 

This post includes some drawings I have used as a TOOL for manifesting an OBe – that said, in my honesty I am still yet to achieve a full fledged OBE. It has however, brought me many instances since that have gotten me closer, for example I have reached the vibrational stage more since, and another road trip on the journey towards Astral projection include more vivid dreams and lucid dreams. – which I have been very susceptible to. It’s all about what to put your focus too. I can’t wait to share with you some of my accounts of dreaming, soon to come. And just to note, I do believe strongly in the power of art as a strong manifestation tool. 

Why do I believe in art as an ultimate manifestation tool? #LawofAttraction

It is the act of visualising. It is the act of enhancing the clarity of visions that you want, and circumstances you want to attract, if used with that intention. It is a form of solidifying your desires. And need I say no more, the greater your feelings and visual image of that ideal situation, person (subjective because free will), or thing is, the greater likelihood it will be of that thing happening to you. 

In my progress, I am constantly reaching the vibrational stage of it, really strong Astral vibrations – I have indeed been in positions where I probably could’ve left my body easily, but the sensation can be a little daunting and I tend to stop myself. (Let go, let go) 

For those of you familiar with the term Astral projection,  you will probably also be familiar with the many benefits that achieving an OBE can grant one. It can cure depression. You can fly around the world. You could even mould a functioning twin replica of yourself out of alien glob and have it sing the opera, I don’t know. From my extensive research of first hand accounts and all of the endless benefits, I vouch that the possibilities go as far as the imagination can reach. (Ah, the magnificence.) 

Here is my personal list on what I hoped to achieved for my personal OBE. (When I achieve it) 

Astral Travel To Do List:

X Explore the entire world

X Meet loving, sentient beings – such as aliens, guardians, angels or my higher self

X Travel the higher realms e.g. 7th dimensional, if I can get there 😉 

X Visit Mars 

X Discover my past lives 

x Use it as a space to learn and practice my skills e.g. Learn the piano in the Astral realm, perhaps. Or heighten my artistic ability, etc

X Go into a realm of my own creations and cartoon characters, and interact with them as they take life’s of their own (I have not heard of this one being done before, but I assume that with good intention it is an interesting possibility. Hmmm..) 

Ok. Now here are some images I drew both out of interest and as a way to hopefully manifest my Long awaited Astral projection (I feel like one of those hopeful expectant mums trying for a baby.) well here goes. These are pages of my personal notebook.. my diary? Oh gawwhhh..

Having achieved popping out of my body. Yes! One method of doing this is by the famous Monroe ‘Rope’ technique, but I assume that I would be one of those people who would be able to “roll” out of my body. There are s verbal, several different methods of doing this available on the www.
Meeting a high vibrational sentient being. This could be a pleadian or perhaps one of my guides. Bestowing me with infinite wisdom and love (Thank you.)
One of the populars on the Astral bucket list – fly around the world. Interestingly, when I reflected with more thought, places such as Africa and Moscow piqued my interest more than Canada or New York would have. I would still LOVE to visit those places anyway. I want it all.
Floating in outer space, and having one of those existential moments that astronauts experience when they see earth from afar for the first time. *tears*. this planet, the home place of over 7 billion people, me being one of them. Here I am pictured viewing Mars. For what it’s worth, I hope to embrace my extraterrestrial nature as much as possible during this earthly existence. Whilst being grounded too, of course. Of this Earth but not from it.. Or was it the other way around? Anyway.
This is me accessing infinite knowledge and wisdom from The Akashic Records. Here I have access to every memory I have ever lived, and basically any strand of universal information out there. They say The Akashic Records resemble something like a beautiful architecture of a spiral library.
Here’s me and a new buddy I “met” in the Astral realm. He seems like a cool guy, we even had our own secret handshake.

Whether this be for the better or for the worse, I hope to retain my extraterrestrial nature, my true being as much as I can during this earthly experience. 

Well that is pretty much everything I have for this post here. Wish me luck on my Astral Travelling endeavours, and if you have any stories or comments to leave me about your dreams or Astral travel, do not hesitate to message me, I would love to hear them.

On the interim, I hope to continue providing you with interesting quips and some hopefully useful info. Thank you and sweet dreams tonight x 


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